Prism-CS Prism-CS Services - Migration from VSE to z/OS

LOGOS Computer Services LTD offers a set of  fee-based services to help Prism-CS licensees make the most of the software product when converting z/VSE applications to  z/OS. GSF Software consultants have offered these services to dozens of Prism-CS™ and MS-Tools™ customers in recent years and have accumulated a wealth of experience that is unmatched in the industry. Prism-CS licensees can take advantage of this experience to ensure complete success of their z/VSE to z/OS applications conversion project.

The services offered by LOGOS Computer Services LTD provide the following benefits to Prism-CS customers:

  • Strict adherence to the mass-conversion method resulting in 100% automated conversion with no application freeze
  • Reduced customer staff requirements
  • Reduced overall project duration
  • Reduced overall project cost
  • Enhanced quality of converted applications, resulting in faster testing and fewer errors during and after switch-over
  • The conversion client's effort is concentrated in performing regression test of the converted applications without having to spend too much of their time in conversion related functions.


Most of the Prism-CS services we offer are performed off-site, via the Internet, but we can provide on-site interventions at the customer's location as well. In fact, each service offering is tailored to the customer's needs and preferences.

Note: On-site services incurr additional expenses due to T&L costs.

The following service offerings are currently available:
  • Project Assessment
  • Z/vse to z/OS Conversion

    Project Assessment

    The Project Assessment service consists in analyzing the batch and on-line applications to identify conversion requirements and potential issues that may affect their conversion to z/OS.

    After the customer has supplied a copy of the VSE applications (as specified here), LOGOS Computer Services LTD processes the inventory using Prism-CS and other analytical tools. The results of the analysis are reviewed to identify conversion requirements and possible issues which are presented to the customer in a written Conversion Specifications Document (CSD).

    Note: The Project Assessment service is available to all customers, whether they later on acquire a Prism-CS license or not. For those customers who chose Prism-CS to convert the applications, we offer the option of producing a smaller CSD which omits all the specifications already handled by the product; the resulting CSD only presents the remaining issues that must be handled through customisation.

    Full z/VSE to z/OS Conversion

    The Full Conversion is performed by conversion experts knowlegable in z/VSE and z/OS operating systems and of PRISM-CS internals, the conversion functions performed by GSF consultantst consists of the following:


    The KickStart helps Prism-CS Licensees get their application conversion project off the ground faster by eliminating much of the trial-and-error often associated with learning a new, complex product.

    All Prism-CS Licensees must send a copy of their application inventory (source code, JCL, etc) to the Prism-CS Support Center which analyses it and sets up a custom procedure tailored to run a complete conversion process. The custom procedure is then sent to the Prism-CS Licensee, along with a list of conversion issues that have been identified during the KickStart analysis process.

    Inventory Validation

    The Inventory Validation service helps companies considering a conversion from VSE to MVS put their application inventory in order before the application conversion project actually starts. The Inventory Validation service consists of the following:

    • Initial supply of the entire VSE application inventory (JCL, programs, etc) to LOGOS Computer Services LTD four times on  CD-ROM or via the Internet.
    • Build an automated procedure to transfer the VSE application inventory to MVS and load various objects into partitioned data sets.
    • Set up and run the application inventory component of the Prism-CS to cross-reference all the elements and produce lists of missing and unreferenced elements
    • Up to four additional supplies of the VSE application inventory for processing. Each additional supply includes the corrections applied in VSE to the application inventory, such as providing missing programs, removing obsolete or duplicate elements, etc
    • Identify most of the critical conversion issues that will have to be resolved during the actual conversion project

    Note: The Inventory Validation service is available to all customers, whether they later on acquire a Prism-CS license or not.


    Customisation relieves the Prism-CS Licensee from having to dedicate internal resources to perform most customisation tasks.  LOGOS Computer Services LTD offers its vast experience in designing and developing plug-in modules and LCPs that process complex syntax elements and interact efficiently with various components of the Prism-CS software.

    Quality Assurance Audits

    QA Audits help Prism-CS Licensees assess the status of their application conversion project and the quality of the converted materials. At key points in the project, LOGOS Computer Services LTD analyses the converted materials (programs, JCL, etc) for errors, omissions, and other flaws, then suggests appropriate corrective action to prevent failures during application testing.

    Program Conversion

    Program Conversion is performed for all programs which are generally assembler, COBOL, PL/I or CICS. The customer supplies the source code, COPY books and Macros to LOGOS Computer Services LTD which takes care of tailoring and customising Prism-CS, and running it to convert the programs from VSE to MVS, as well as compile and link-edit them. A customised version of the Prism-CS product and program libraries is then shipped electronically to the customer.

    Besides program conversion from z/VSE to z/OS, we also can provide optional services to translate programs from one language to another, as listed here. name=switch>

    Switch-Over Assistance

    On-site or off-site assistance from VSE/MVS migration experts is available during and after the Switch-Over to help react to problems with speed and accuracy. The Switch-Over is the most critical event in a z/VSE to z/OS conversion project, when applications are converted for the last time, production data is transferred for the last time, and production goes live in the target environment, generally during a week-end. The switch-over week-end itself and the days that follow are a time of intense activity and nervousness, during which assistance from migration experts can prove a valuable asset.

    JCL Translation

    The customer supplies its programs, VSE JCL, VSE catalog listings and documentation for z/OS production standards to LOGOS Computer Services LTD. We then tailor and customise Prism-CS until it generates good-quality MVS JCL streams, and ship them electronically to the customer. The process is repeated as many times as necessary until the customer is satisfied with the result..

    Custom Software Development

    Development of conversion-related software, such as utility programs or sub-routines. Languages available are Assembler, COBOL, PL/I or REXX.

    For more information on the service offerings listed above, or to obtain a list of customer references, please contact us.


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