Prism-CS Prism-CS Inventory Processing

The Inventory Processing component of Prism-CS™ is a set of tools to load the application source code and JCL into partitioned data sets, scan and cross-reference all of the production elements, and generate validation reports to help the conversion team clean up the inventory.

Inventory Processing is made up of three sub-components:

  1. A set of Input Formatters,
  2. The JCL Expansion utility
  3. The Inventory Validation Program

Input Formatters

Input Formatters programs are used to load the VSE source elements into standard MVS partitioned data sets. Some of these programs are able to read tapes created in VSE or VM/CMS in a variety of formats, such as LIBR, ICCF, and VOLLIE backups, or VMFPLC2. For a complete list of the formats currently supported, please refer to the Inventory Supply document. Ad-hoc programs help identify the type of each supplied elements and direct it to the appropriate Prism-CS input library.

By judiciously combining standard VSE, VM/CMS and MVS utilities with Prism-CS Input Formatter programs, the conversion staff can build an automated procedure to transfer the application inventory from its repository in VSE or VM/CMS to the target MVS environment. Typically, the inventory is transferred every two or three weeks throughout the conversion project to keep up with application maintenance on VSE. Certain Prism-CS users are known to have completely automated the procedure and run it daily.

JCL Expansion

The JCL Expansion utility (JCLXPAND) creates an intermediate version of the VSE JCL in which all SLIs, PROCs and INCLUDE have been expanded, i.e. all of the SLI, EXEC PROC and INCLUDE statements have been replaced with the contents of the corresponding library member. Expansion of the JCL greatly facilitates the analysis of JCL streams and is a pre-requisite to Inventory Validation and JCL Translation.

JCL Expansion supports the following:

  • VSE Procedures (EXEC PROC)
  • VSE/POWER Source Library Includes (SLI)
  • ICCF Includes (/INCLUDE)
  • Librarian Includes (-INC)
  • VOLLIE Includes (+INC)
  • Panvalet Includes (++INCLUDE)
  • Condor Procs (./ PROC)
  • Bim-Edit Includes (/INCLUDE)
  • VM/CMS Includes (<INCLUDE>)

JCLXPAND generates reports, including a cross-reference of all of the JCL elements (Job Streams, SLI, PROCs, Includes), as well as lists of missing and unreferenced elements.

Expansion of JCL sub-texts is optional, and is often bypassed for in-line application data. The user must provide the names and types (which can be generic or specific) of all of those members for which expansion should be bypassed by JCLXPAND.

Inventory Validation

The inventory validation program analyses the JCL, source code and CICS tables to find the relationships between the different elements (job streams, PPT, programs, sub-programs, Maps, COPY books, Macros, Includes), and produces a set of reports and tables.

Inventory Validation produces the following reports:

  • a page of statistics, called the work-sheet
  • a global cross-reference listing
  • cross-reference of missing elements
  • list of unreferenced elements

Inventory Validation produces the following tables:

Sample Work-sheet produced by the Inventory Validation program:

Source Inventory Validation (Sample1)

  Lang Type Description      Supplied  Referenced  Missing  Unreferenced  DDname
   A    P   ASM Programs          5          5          0          0      VASMMOD
   C    P   COBOL Programs        4          4          0          0      VCBLMOD
   P    P   PL/1 Programs         5          4          1          1      VPLIMOD
   R    P   RPG Programs          2          1          0          1      VRPGMOD
   D    P   Dyl280 Programs       1          1          0          0      V280MOD
   E    P   EZTrieve+ Progs       1          1          0          0      VEZPMOD
   B    P   BMS Maps              1          1          1          0      VBMSMOD
   L    P   LINK Decks            3          2          0          1      VTXTMODL
   X    P   REXX EXECs            0          0          1          0      VREXMOD
   ?    P   OTHER Programs        5          3          9          2      PROGDEF
   A    C   ASM COPY Books        1          1          0          0      VASMCOP
   C    C   COBOL COPY Books      6          5         33          1      VCBLCOP
   P    C   PL/1 COPY Books       1          0          2          1      VPLICOP
   R    C   RPG COPY Books        1          1          0          0      VRPGCOP
   D    C   Dyl280 COPY books     1          1          0          0      V280COP
   A    M   ASM Macros            2          1          0          1      VASMMAC
   E    M   EZTrieve+ Macros      1          1          0          0      VEZPMAC
   U    P   DL/I PSBs             2          0          0          2      VASMPSB
   U    P   DL/I DBDs             2          0          0          2      VASMDBD
   U    P   DATACOM URTs          1          1          0          0      VASMURT
   J    J   JOB Streams           2          0          0          0      VSEJCL 

File Cross-Reference

The Inventory Validation Utility does not cross-reference files. However, a very thorough and detailed file cross-reference is created by the JCL Translation process and used by the FXCLASS utility to classify application data files.


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