Prism-CS Prism-CS Run-Time Library

The Prism-CS™ Run-Time Library contains a large collection of programs, macro instructions and sub-routines written and enhanced during the past 25 years to provide functions that are used in VSE programs and job streams, have no exact equivalent in MVS, OS/390 or z/OS, but are required to run the converted applications.

The various elements of the Prism-CS Run-Time Library are only used when the corresponding function needs to be simulated, based on the existence of specific conditions in the VSE and MVS environments. On some conversion projects, the Prism-CS Run-Time Library is not used at all; in other cases, up to half a dozen functions (rarely more) may be needed.

Among the numerous elements which make up the Prism-CS Run-Time Library, the ones used most frequently are:

  • // DATE simulation
  • Read VSE Tape Files
  • Replacement macros for SEGMENT and IPWSEGM (VSE/POWER SPOOL)
  • Multiple VSAM input to a SORT
  • Support VSAM STATUS 97 in COBOL
  • COMRG and MVCOM macros
  • CNTRL and PRTOV macros
  • Resolve symbolic parameters in control cards
  • Initialize KSDS
  • Console Dialog Simulation
  • Test for empty file
  • Initialize non-VSAM data set (CLRDK)
  • SRAM support for IBM DFSORT and SYNCSORT

At the end of the conversion project, a perpetual license and a copy of the source code for all of the Run-Time Library programs required to run the converted applications is provided at no extra charge.

Note: Installations which do not license Prism-CS can still obtain separate licenses for most elements of the Run-Time library. Please contact GSF-Soft for details.