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MVS, OS/390 and z/OS Software
CCSS Control-Card Sub-System
Allows JCL procedures and Include members to contain in-line control cards; control cards may contain symbolic parameters.
COMPILES Batch Utility
Automate and speed up program compilations and link-edits. Supports mass-processing of a large number of programs in different languages.
Allow TSO users to reconnect to their own TSO session, cancel it, or unlock it. Works for TSO users connected to a 3270-type terminal or via a TCP/IP session (TN3270).
Enhance certain ISPF applications by making them fully compatible with LIBDEF ISPLLIB.
Dynamic STEPLIB command which allows a TSO/E user to specify private load libraries from which other command processors and programs can be loaded. Can be invoked in a CLIST, a REXX EXEC, or in ISPF and works in TSO/E foreground as well as in TSO batch.

PDS & PDSE Utilities
ARCHIVER Batch Utility
Archive modified PDS or PDSE members or entire libraries. Recover deleted PDS members.
DIRCOMPR Batch Utility
PDS Library Directory Compare. Compare up to 32 PDS or PDSE libraries.
 Source and Load Directories.
LINKMAP Utility For TSO and ISPF
Generate link-edit maps for existing load-modules and program objects.
LOADXREF Batch Utility
Scan load-libraries to analyse load-modules and CSECTs; provides statistics by language and cross-reference information.
PDSEDIT Batch Utility
FIND and optionally CHANGE specified character and hexadecimal strings in PDS members or sequential data sets.
PDSUTIL Batch Utility
Provide multiple functions for PDS members and libraries: COMPRESS, COPY/MOVE, LISTDIR, LOAD, REBUILD, RESET, SCRATCH, UNLOAD
SCANPDS Utility for TSO and ISPF
Multi-function utility program to scan catalogs, PDS and PDSE directories and members based on user-specified selection criteria. Generates directory lists and cross-reference reports for selected members. Displays ISPF statistics, link-edit attributes and date, and records matching search arguments.
SCRATCH Utility for batch, TSO and ISPF
Delete members from PDS or PDSE. Reset PDS or PDSE directory.
Program Conversion
CB2CONV Language Conversion Services
Upgrade source programs written for the DOS/VS or OS/VS COBOL compilers (68 or 74 standard) to make them compatible with the VS COBOL II compiler (85 standard) and its successors.
Q2C Language Conversion Services
Translate QuickJob (Vision:Report) source programs to COBOL.
R2C Language Conversion Services
Translate RPGII source programs to COBOL.

JCL-Xref Utility
z/OS JCL cross-reference utility to help you analyze and do impact analysis.
JMP Utility
JCL Modification Process is an ISPF menu driven utility design to redesign MVS JCL
MOD-Xref Utility
MOD-Xref is an ISPF menu driven utility, it is easy to use and can cross-reference all Modules related libraries, from one library to the entire z/OS shop

VSE/MVS Conversion
Prism Conversion System
Automate the conversion of VSE/SP and VSE/ESA applications to MVS, OS/390 and z/OS. Includes a set of integrated components to load and validate the application inventory, convert and compile programs, translate JCL streams, and transfer application data.
VSE-ON-MVS Simulate VSE on MVS
Allow VSE programs to be assembled and executed in MVS/ESA, OS/390 and z/OS.
MS-Tools Enhancement Package
Improve the performance and extend the functional capabilities of the Cortex Migration System (Cortex-MS).
MS-COMREG Replacement of the Cortex-MS COMREG Simulation
Replacement programs for the Cortex-MS and MVS-MS COMREG Simulation.
Allow an OS/390 or z/OS installation to restore files or libraries backed up to tape with the LIBR (VSE/SP), DTSUTIL (ICCF), OLLX6100 (VOLLIE), or PCSEVBR (FAQS/PCS) utilities.
VMFPLC2 Utility
Allow an OS/390 or z/OS installation to restore files backed up to tape in the VM/CMS environment with the BACKUP or VMFPLC2 commands.
Allow an OS/390 or z/OS installation to restore spool files from a tape created in VSE using the POFFLOAD command of VSE/POWER.
Software Distribution
Software Installation Procedure
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