Prism-CSApplication Inventory Supply

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This document contains information Prism-CS customers may use to design a procedure and supply their VSE production materials to GSF Software for evaluation and/or analysis, or later, to the team in charge of their conversion to MVS, OS/390 or z/OS.


The supply can be provided on CD-ROM, or as ZIP files attached to an e-mail message.


We no longer can process physical cartridges or reels of tape. However, we can process flat files in AWS tape format. The VSE Virtual Tape Server supports AWSTAPE format.


Files in card-image format can be supplied to GSF Software via email attachment to


Files in card-image or print format can be converted to ASCII, stored on CD-ROM, for mail information contact us at  GSF Software.

ZIP files

Small inventories can be supplied as ZIP archives attached to an e-mail message.


The format of the supply can be either structured or unstructured.

Structured Supply

In a structured supply, the various elements are grouped by type in separate files or archives; all of the files must be in IEBUPDTE format, except for the CICS CSD. Here is an example of a structured supply using a single AWSTAPE multi-file:

The customer must generally write ad-hoc programs to gather the elements that need to be included in the supply and format them as streams of card images. Each element must be preceded with a ./ ADD NAME=element statement.

Unstructured Supply

In an unstructured supply, the various elements are provided in bulk, in the format in which they are stored in the VSE or VM environment. This allows a customer to quickly build a supply tape using readily-available utility programs. Here is an example of an unstructured supply on a multi-file AWSTAPE:

The format of an unstructured supply is flexible and compatible with most methods used by our customers to manage their inventory in VSE or VM/CMS. Because it is based on standard utility programs and formats, a customer generally does not need to write any ad-hoc code to produce a tape in the unstructured format. Here are some guidelines:


Here is a list of all the elements that must be provided for the Inventory Validation project; simply ignore the ones that do not apply to your site. If some of the element that make up your production inventory are not on this list, please contact GSF Software.

Production JCL

The JCL streams should contain all of the production jobs and exclude all non-production jobs. If you supplied non-production jobs, please provide simple rules to identify them. These rules can be a list of job names, or other criteria such as "every job that executes LNKEDT is not production".

Source programs (Batch)

CICS Elements

If you supply the PPT in CSD format, please provide a list of the groups that apply to the applications that will be converted.


System Initialization

Data Transfer

Production catalog listings, which may be transmitted in VSE/POWER Offload Format