MS-Tools - Enhancement Package for MVS-MS and Cortex-MS



MS-ToolsTM is a set of software tools which improve the performance and extend the functional capabilities of the Cortex Migration SystemTM (Cortex-MSTM). MS-Tools is designed to help licensees of the Cortex-MS software significantly reduce the amount of resources needed to convert their VSE applications to MVS, OS/390 and z/OS. MS-Tools components run in the MVS environment only, except the XFERD3V data transfer utility which runs in VSE.

Typical productivity gains obtained with MS-Tools vary between 25% and 50%: an average-size Cortex-MS project which requires six consultants is likely to only need a staff of three or four when MS-Tools is also used.

MS-Tools components were designed and developed over a 20-year period during which their developer implemented Cortex-MS and MVS-MS in dozens of conversion projects, and designed numerous tools to enhance these two products and speed them up. Much of that experience eventually went into the design of the Prism Conversion System, an extremely powerful alternative to Cortex-MS which is, today, an antique product. Because most elements in MS-Tools are also components of Prism-CS, they are constantly used, enhanced and supported.


The MS-Tools package includes standard and optional components:


MS-Tools is installed by inserting a load-library in the local JOBLIB concatenation, and replacing/modifying a small number of Cortex-MS panels and skeletons in the USERLIB.


Pricing for MS-Tools is la carte, depending on components selected by customers. Please contact GSF Software for details.

Customer References

From 1990 to 1999, Automated Migration Services used MS-Tools on 35 VSE/MVS conversion projects it performed for the following U.S. customers:
  • Alfa Insurance Companies, Alabama
  • American Savings Bank, Hawaii
  • Arkansas Farm Bureau
  • Automated Data Processing, New Jersey (13 projects)
  • Avon Products, New York
  • Batesville Casket Company, Indiana
  • C&S Wholesale Grocers, Vermont
  • County of Kern, California
  • Dataline Services, California
  • Fleming Companies, Oklahoma
  • Florida Farm Bureau
  • Giant Foods, Pennsylvania
  • HSI/Hook-SupeRx, Ohio
  • Mississippi Farm Bureau
  • Pope and Talbot, Oregon
  • South-Carolina Farm Bureau
  • Southern Farm Bureau, Mississippi
  • State of Michigan Employment
  • State of North Carolina Revenue
  • Texas Farm Bureau
  • The Forethought Company, Indiana
  • The Mutual Group USA, North Dakota
  • UGI Utilities, Pennsylvania

In 1999, Automated Migration Services abandoned Cortex-MS and MS-Tools in favor of the Prism Conversion System, which the company used until it ceased its activities in December 2001.


Cortex-MSTM was developed by SISRO from 1974 to 1987 and is currently owned by the Allen Systems Group (ASG) From 1986 to 1997, Cortex-MS was distributed by IBM under the name MVS-MS (MVS Migration System). ; ASG stopped distributing Cortex-MS in 2008.