CB2CONV - Convert DOS/VS and OS/VS COBOL Programs



The CB2CONV product upgrades COBOL programs written to the 68 or 74 standards and supported by the VS COBOL for DOS/VS or VS COBOL for OS/VS compilers. Converted programs become compatible with the VS COBOL II compiler (85 standard) and all of its successors, such as COBOL for OS/390 and VM, COBOL for VSE, and Enterprise COBOL for z/OS and OS/390.

CB2CONV is a mass-conversion tool which runs on MVS/ESA, OS/390 and z/OS. CB2CONV can process the entire contents of a source library in a single run, converting hundreds of programs a minute. CB2CONV's processing can be restricted to a single module, or to a list of modules, based on member selection criteria specified by the user. CB2CONV dramatically reduces the time it takes to upgrade large COBOL inventories to current and supported compilers, particularly when it is used in conjunction with the COMPILES mass-compilation product.


CB2CONV applies dozens of source code changes to DOS/VS or OS/VS COBOL programs; the changes fall into six different categories:

  1. Suffixing of reserved words
  2. Replacement of obsolete elements: NOTE, REMARKS, EXAMINE, EXHIBIT, WRITE AFTER POSITIONING, etc
  3. Correction of invalid syntax elements: missing periods, missing paragraph headers, words in the wrong margin, etc
  4. Conversion of ISAM file definitions and verbs to their VSAM equivalent
  5. Conversion of BLL Cells to ADDRESS OF in CICS programs
  6. Conversion of COPY books

Several run-time options and a user exit routine are available to perform specific code transformations, as required.

CB2CONV produces several reports, including lists of modifications applied to the source code and statistics.

CB2CONV is an optional component of the Prism-CS and MS-Tools products.

To further automate conversion tasks, a CB2CONV license may optionally include the following products:

To purchase a CB2CONV license or obtain additional information, please contact GSF Software.

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