GSF Software

Description: IBM PWD





Offering custom and standard software solutions for IBM mainframe computers.

GSF Software LLC  is an Company specialized in software development , distribution and provider of consulting services with expertise in the following domains:

1.     Assembler Programming

2.     MVS, TSO and ISPF internals

3.     Conversion of VSE applications to MVS

4.     Conversion of Application Programs: COBOL, DYL280, QuikJob and RPGII

5.     Re-engineering of the MVS JCL

6.     Mass-Processing Techniques

GSF Software LLC uses its expertise in these domains to provide a variety of original products, tools and services for the MVS, OS/390 and z/OS environments. The following consulting services are available:

  • Conversion of VSE applications to OS/390 or z/OS   (more)
  • Upgrade of COBOL programs to Enterprise COBOL or COBOL for VSE   (more)
  • Program Conversion
    • Upgrade of COBOL programs to Enterprise COBOL or COBOL for VSE   (more)
    • DYL280 (Vision:Results or Vision:eighty) to COBOL or SORT   (more)
    • QuikJob (Vision:Report) to COBOL or SORT   (more)
    • RPGII to COBOL   (more)
    • Implementation of Language Environment (LE) for OS/390 or z/OS

Gilbert Saint-Flour, was the founder of GSF Software, was an MVS sytems programmer and software developer since 1975. He was a noted contributor of File 183 to the CBT Tape, the most popular collection of public-domain software for MVS, OS/390 and z/OS.