SG24-2043 - VSE to OS/390 Migration Workbook

IBM Redbooks

In 1997 and 1998, Gilbert Saint-Flour joined a team of IBM experts in Endicott to put their experience together and develop a document to help VSE installations with their migration to OS/390. This 600-page Redbook, released in October 1998 as SG24-2043 - VSE to OS/390 Migration Workbook, includes a wealth of information about VSE to MVS conversions in general, and the mass-conversion method in particular.

The Workbook makes numerous references to the MVS Migration System (MVS-MS), a now-discontinued IBM Program Offering, but does not mention the Prism Conversion System (Prism-CS) or MS-Tools, two software products mostly developed by Gilbert Saint-Flour during the 1990s.

Over 40 IBMers and three non-IBMers participated to the redaction of this manual. Gilbert Saint-Flour was one of the most heavily-involved persons who, among other things, influenced the team to include a significant amount of text about the conversion of the VSE JCL to MVS JCL, which is the most important task during these conversion projects. As a result, Gilbert Saint-Flour is the only non-IBMer whose name is listed on the cover page of this redbook.

Historical Background

Prior to the VSE to OS/390 Migration Workbook, IBM published several documents on the subject:

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