Dynamic STEPLIB for TSO/E and ISPF

Dynamic STEPLIB for TSO/E


The STEPLIB software product is a TSO/E command which allows MVS/ESA, OS/390 and z/OS users to specify private load libraries from which other command processors and programs can be loaded. STEPLIB can be invoked in a CLIST, a REXX EXEC, or in ISPF and works in TSO/E foreground as well as in TSO batch. STEPLIB is compatible with TSOLIB, ISPLLIB and a STEPLIB DD present in the LOGON procedure. With STEPLIB, TSO users can:

  1. Add up to three private libraries to the normal search sequence; each private library can be made up of any number of concatenated data sets
  2. Remove private libraries previously added
  3. De-activate and re-activate the STEPLIB (or JOBLIB) DD if it was present in the JCL when the job step started
  4. Display the tasks and programs active in the TSO/E address space along with the corresponding load libraries

STEPLIB provides TSO/E users with additionality flexibility to:

  1. Build and maintain LOGON procedures and CLISTs
    • Installations that use many LOGON procs to accommodate numerous STEPLIB requirements can reduce their number and specify STEPLIB libraries from a CLIST
    • Installations that added load libraries to the LINK list for TSO can remove them and use STEPLIB to access them instead
  2. Change their load-library configuration "on the fly" to test new command processors and programs
  3. Change the load-library configuration in ISPF and/or a REXX EXEC, which are situations TSOLIB does not support
  4. Define a program or command as authorised for personal use, without modifying IKJTSOxx or affecting other TSO/E users; this feature is only available to authorised systems programmers
  5. Quickly LOGOFF from any ISPF screen

Examples of a few STEPLIB commands in TSO or CLIST format:

	/* Activate ONE load-library in dsname format */

	/* To Allocate two or more load-libraries do it with DDname DD2 format and activate them */


	/* Quick LOGOFF of current TSO session */

STEPLIB must be added to IKJTSOxx under the AUTHCMD heading and run from an authorised library

To enhance ISPF applications which do not support LIBDEF ISPLLIB, we recommend using the LLIBDEF product instead of STEPLIB.

To obtain additional information about STEPLIB or order a product evaluation version, please contact GSF-Soft.


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