GSF Software - Software Installation Procedure


GSF Software only distributes its software electronically, as an unloaded Partitioned Data Set in TSO TRANSMIT format. The resulting archive file, whose low-level qualifier is XMIT, is typically sent to a customer as a binary attachment to an e-mail message. Large files are often compressed with a PKZIP-compatible utility, in which case the attached files's last qualifier is ZIP. Customers experiencing difficulties receiving files in ZIP format, due to their company's strict anti-virus policy should communicate available alternative solutions to GSF Software. Note that GSF Software uses Linux or OS/2 on all of its computers. As a result, files received from GSF Software are unlikely to have been corrupted by MS-Windows viruses or worms.

To install a product on MVS, OS/390 or z/OS, customers can proceed as follows:

If the RECEIVE command fails with "INMR921I Received file appears not to be an Interactive Data Transmission Facility file.", reply END and determine the origin of the error which is generally caused by one of the following:

Once the installation PDS has been successfully created and loaded by the RECEIVE command, follow the instructions in the $$README member (if any).