IKJEFLN2 - TSO Reconnect Exit for the TN3270 Environment


IKJEFLN2 is a TSO/E Post-Display Exit which allows TSO users to reconnect to their own TSO session, or cancel it. The exit also has the capability to automatically unlock a TSO session awaiting operator intervention, for example by replying CANCEL to an outstanding allocation recovery message.

Although this product was originally designed for users who connect to TSO/E via TCP/IP using the TN3270 protocol, it is equally useful to TSO/E users who connect directly to VTAM, using either SNA or non-SNA terminals.

The exit must be installed on the system on which both the TSO session and the TN3270 server are active, and the user must select the Reconnect option with an S on the TSO/E LOGON panel. When all of these conditions are met, the user receives the screen shown below instead of the otherwise expected IKJ56425I LOGON rejected, UserId user_id already logged on, IKJ606I TSOLOGON REJECTED. USERID user_id IN USE or IKJ56411I TSOLOGON RECONNECT REJECTED - USERID user_id IN USE messages.
		   TSO Post-Display Exit (IKJEFLN2) R222
		Copyright (c) 2000-2009 Gilbert Saint-Flour
			    All Rights Reserved

 UserID IBMUSER Currently Logged On

  SMF SID     ===> P390
  SYSNAME     ===> P390                          New Session
  JES Node    ===> N1
  Terminal    ===> LCL702                 Terminal    ===> LCL702
  Application ===> A06TSO01               Application ===> A06TSO04
  Screen Size ===> 54x132                 Screen Size ===> 54x132
  Log Mode    ===> DYNAMICB               Log Mode    ===> DYNAMICB
  IP Address  ===> N/A
  DNS Name    ===> N/A
  ASID        ===> 003B                   ASID        ===> 003A
  TSB Address ===> C46C38                 TSB Address ===> C46758

 Enter C to cancel the existing TSO session or R to reconnect ===> _   

The user can reply C to cancel the session, R to reconnect or X to exit.

The IKJEFLN2 exit looks for an outstanding IEF238D allocation recovery message that may have caused the existing TSO session to lock up. If such a condition exists, IKJEFLN2 attempts to automatically unlock the session by replying CANCEL to the message.

The IKJEFLN2 exit supports all MVS systems at the OS/390 R4 level and above. To install the IKJEFLN2 exit, copy the load-module into an authorised system library and refresh LLA. To uninstall, simply delete the load-module and refresh LLA.

To obtain additional information about IKJEFLN2 or order a product evaluation version, please contact GSF Software.

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