SHOWDASD Application for ISPF



SHOWDASD is an ISPF application to display on-line DASD volumes, free space information and obtain VTOC listings. SHOWDASD is free software, available in source-code format in the freeware section of this Web site. SHOWDASD consists of a REXX exec, an Assembler program, and an ISPF panel.


SHOWDASD must be invoked during an on-line ISPF session, for example be entering the TSO SHOWDASD command. By default, SHOWDASD displays all of the DASD volumes currently on-line. Processing can be limited to specific volumes by entering a parameter in the command:


The following commands can be entered in the Command field of the SHOWDASD panel:

Line Commands

The following line commands can be entered on the SHOWDASD panel to request the display of a secondary panel for the corresponding volume:

By default, the S options shows the volume's data set list.

Installation and Tailoring

SHOWDASD consists of four elements:

  1. The SHOWDASD command itself, a TSO/E REXX exec
  2. The SHOWDPNL and SHOWVTOC members, two ISPF panels
  3. The RXSMS assembler program

To install SHOWDASD and make it available to ISPF/PDF users, proceed as follows:

Note: The SHOWDASD application is fully compatible with the ISPF LIBDEF service.

Sample Display

------------------------- On-line Direct-access Volumes ---- Row 1 to 20 of 20
Command ===>                                                  Scroll ===> CSR

                            Storage           Total                  Largest
  Volser  S  Devn  Device    Group     Cyls   Space    Free Space   Free Xtnt

. SYSCAT     0121  3380     Private      100
. RESCUE     0130  3380     Private      300
. DOSRES     0300  3390-2   Private     2226
. SYSWK1     0301  3390-2   Private     2226
. OS39M1     0A82  3390-3   Storage     3339
. Z2RES1     0A83  3390-3   Private     3339
. Z2RES2     0A84  3390-3   Private     3339
. Z2USS1     0A85  3390-3   Private     3339
. Z2CIC1     0A86  3390-2   Private     2226
. Z2DB21     0A87  3390-3   Private     3339
. Z2IMS1     0A89  3390-2   Private     2226
. PRIM10     0AA0  3390-3   DEFAULT     2519   2042MB     43MB  2%      26MB
. PRIM11     0AA1  3390-3   DEFAULT     2519   2042MB     25MB  1%      17MB
. PRIM12     0AA2  3390-3   DEFAULT     2519   2042MB     54MB  2%      34MB
. PRIM13     0AA3  3390-3   DEFAULT     2519   2042MB     81MB  3%      40MB
. PRIM14     0AA4  3390-3   DEFAULT     2519   2042MB   1091MB 53%     740MB
. PRIM15     0AA5  3390-3   DEFAULT     2519   2042MB      0MB  0%       0MB
. PRIM16     0AA6  3390-3   DEFAULT     2519   2042MB      0MB  0%       0MB
. LARGE1     0AB1  3390-3   Private     2519
. LARGE2     0AB2  3390-3   Private     2519
******************************* Bottom of data ******************************** 

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